Sep 14, 2021

September is FASD awareness month

September 9th is the international day to bring awareness to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). The goal of FASD day is to promote prevention of FASD, provide education regarding the diagnosis and increase capacity to support individuals with FASD. Advocates are dedicating the month of September to raise awareness.

FASD is a brain-based disability. Every Thursday in the month of September, Children’s Community Network will be sharing links that provide information and increase awareness of FASD and how prenatal alcohol exposure impacts brain development. Check back here weekly this month for new links:

Links here:

“FASD is a challenge but with the right supports I can succeed”

Links for early intervention and supports for individuals with FASD here:

Health Nexus Ontario’s FASD web page; Ontario FASD workers 

Our Children Our Future                                       

FASCETS: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum consultation and training services:

FASD Brain and Body Connection by Myles Himmelreich:

10 Brain domains affected by FASD:                                                

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