The Children's Community Network's Annual Report features an article from the Executive Director and the Board President, service reports and statistics, as well as financial statements. By reading the Annual Report, you can learn more about CCN's goals throughout a given fiscal year and monitor the development of specific programs and initiatives.




You can download the full 2015-2016 Annual Report here.




"Welcome to Children’s Community Network’s 12th Annual General Meeting. This year was an active and productive year for both our organization and our Board of Directors."


You can download the full 2013-2014 Annual Report here.



"This Annual meeting marks the end of a CCN’s tenth year of operations. We celebrated throughout the year and marked this milestone in a number of ways. We hosted the CCN Respite Family Fun Day in July and welcomed over one hundred and eighty participants to this fun event. If you have an opportunity to scan the images from that day, you can’t help but be touched by delight and excitement reflected in the faces of both children and adults in attendance as they took in the events and entertainment."

You can download the full 2012-2013 Annual Report here.


"As we mark CCN’s 10th Annual General Meeting we have much to celebrate. In less than a decade of operations we have moved from a concept to an established organization in the children’s service system in Sudbury and Manitoulin, providing central access to the children’s services system, navigation, direct funded respite to families with special needs children, service coordination for complex needs children, a lead role in case resolution, and third party Alternative Dispute Resolution for the local Children’s Aid Society."

You can download the full 2011-2012 Annual Report here.


"CCN's goals and activities over the 2010/11 year underscored our organization's commitment to the art and practice of a learning organization; one in which individual and collective learning are ongoing and central to our culture. The examples of this commitment are manifold and in this report we will highlight the most prominent."

You can download the full 2010-2011 Annual Report here.


"This past year has demonstrated to the CCN Board and Management that the CCN staff has what is required to embrace and incorporate learning in our culture and therefore succeed as an organization into the future."

You can download the full 2009-2010 Annual Report here.


Best Start's Learning to Play and Playing to Learn: Getting Ready for School

"The information and examples in this booklet show you how you can help your child’s brain and body grow and thrive. It will also help you feel more confident that your child is ready to learn in Kindergarten and beyond."

You can download Learning to Play and Playing to Learn: Getting Ready for School here.

Best Start's Building Resilience in Young Children

"Building Resilience in Young Children is a resource to help you boost your child’s ability to bounce back from life’s challenges and thrive. It is filled with up-to-date information, helpful tips, parent stories, and links to other resources."

You can download Building Resilience in Young Children here.

The Chapleau Children’s Services Providers Network's Children’s Service Directory

With categories ranging from Abuse/Assault, Addiction, Child and Family Support Services, and Education/Literacy to First Nations, Health, Housing Services, Recreation, and more, this comprehensive guide is an essential resource for families living in Chapleau and surrounding area.

You can download the Children’s Service Directory here.

The Children's Community Network's FINDS Resource Directory for Children with Special Needs

"The FINDS Directory was originally developed by the Children’s Treatment Centre to meet the needs of families and professionals in our community. It will hopefully provide you with good information about services that you can access when you need them. You can also contact the Children’s Community Network if you have questions about services for children. There is a similar directory for youth with a physical and/or developmental disability who are transitioning to adult services. It’s called “Transition: The Journey Towards Adult Services”. A special thanks to Brenda Finnila for her help in updating the directory, the agencies that assisted in its development and also to the parents who inspired it. "

You can download the FINDS Resource Directory here.

Sudbury & District Health Unit's Parent Supports on Manitoulin Island

With categories ranging from Education, Employment, Health, Housing, Legal Support, Prenatal Care, Support Services and more, this comprehensive guide is an essential resource for families living on Manitoulin Island and surrounding area.

You can download Parent Supports on Manitoulin Island here.