Service Coordination/Access

What is Service Coordination and Access?

When a child/youth has multiple needs, it is challenging for families/caregivers to know who to turn to for help. Service Coordinators are CCN assist families who require supports and services by providing information about service options and helping to access those services.

How do Service Coordinators help?

Service Coordinators can assist families in a number of different ways:

  • Empower parents by providing them with support, resources and information tailored to meet their individual needs
  • Identify and assist families/legal guardians in accessing additional services and supports that may be helpful (e.g. respite, pediatrician, Best Start Hubs, recreational activities, Triple P)
  • Assist youth and families/legal guardians with the transition to adult services
  • Strengthen a family’s support networks, both formal and informal
  • Coordinate community resources

We are the “go-to agency” when things get complicated. If you require support in identifying and accessing services for children/youth, call us today to see how we can help.

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