Community Threat Assessment Protocol

Fair Notice to Clients, Parents/Guardians and Community
  • The Children’s Community Network is committed to providing safe environments for all children/youth, parents/guardians, staff, agency visitors and community members.
  • When a person’s behaviour poses a serious threat to their safety or the safety of others, the Community Threat Assessment Protocol may be activated.
  • The protocol will guide agency personnel to respond quickly to threatening behaviour and put measures into place to protect others and the individual(s) of concern.
  • When the Community Threat Assessment Protocol is activated, parents/guardians of a minor child/youth will be notified.
  • The Children’s Community Network, police services and community partners, including school boards will work together to assess the threat and implement interventions.
  • The Community Protocol Partners will share information, advice and support, and plans will be developed to minimize risk.
  • The parents/guardians of a minor child/youth who made the threat have an important role to play in the process of gathering information and establishing a plan for the minor child/youth, which will enable the team to evaluate and minimize risk.
  • If a concern for safety still exists, and parents/guardians cannot be reached, or if they choose not to provide consent to share information, the threat assessment at a Stage One will proceed.
  • In sharing personal information, each individual’s right to privacy will be balanced with the need to ensure the safety of all.
  • If you have any questions regarding the Community Threat Assessment Protocol, please contact Stephanie Gilchrist, Director of Client Services and VTRA Lead at the Children’s Community Network at 705-566-3416 ext. 2590 or by email at