One Door, One Guide to Children’s Services in Sudbury-Manitoulin Districts

The Children’s Community Network (CCN) is a nonprofit agency funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) with a volunteer Board of Directors. CCN provides Coordinated Service Planning for children and youth with multiple and/or complex needs and their families. CCN is also the central access mechanism for many ministry funded children’s services and provides information and referrals to other programs available to children and their families in the community as well as service coordination.

The Children’s Community Network was incorporated as an organization in 2003. The Ministry of Community and Social Services policy framework “Making Services Work for People” was the impetus for the creation of CCN, with its requirement that communities establish a central access system for children services and a process for case resolution at the district level.

Sudbury / Manitoulin Districts initially responded to this requirement with the establishment of a co-operative model for central access, but ultimately resolved that a standalone organization would be required to bring policy directions to fruition.

  • CCN is incorporated.
  • A transitional team hires CCN’s first Executive Director.
  • CCN hosts its 1st Annual General Meeting.

  • Staff transfer agreements are signed with the Child and Family Center, North East Mental Health Centre, Northern Youth Services, Child Care Resources, and Sudbury Regional Hospital to form the Initial Staff Complement for the Children’s Community Network (17 full time and part time staff).
  • CCN establishes Intake protocols with partner organizations in the Children’s Service System of Sudbury and Manitoulin Districts and implements a central access model.

  • CCN adopts the ministry directed Client Information Management System (CIMS), a single client record for the service system.
  • The Ministry of Children and Youth Services releases the “Northern Framework for Ministry-Funded Children and Youth Services”, which establishes the role and function of Central Access providers across the Region.
  • CCN Board of Directors completes their strategic plan.

  • CCN leads the Children’s Service Collocation in Chapleau.
  • Renovation and expansion of the Sudbury office.

  • CCN Leads key Children’s Service System committees to develop practice guidelines and policies for Central Access, Service Coordination, and Case Resolution.

  • CCN assumes responsibility for the Ministry of Children and Youth Services’ Respite Program.
  • Children’s Developmental Services in Sudbury and Manitoulin, which were previously sponsored by adult developmental service agencies, are realigned to the Children’s Sector.
  • CCN initiates a research project to develop a Respite Eligibility Tool.

  • CCN leads the community readiness assessment for the adoption of the Triple P Parenting Program on behalf of the Student Support Leadership Initiative (SSLI).
  • CCN obtains CRA Charitable Status.
  • Children’s services collocate in Little Current in the municipal building.

  • CCN receives funding through the MCYS Child Welfare Secretariat for “Eliminating Barriers and Building on Success Initiative”.
  • CCN trains 3 Family Group Decision Making Staff, and 5 Child Protection Mediators.
  • CCN participates in MCYS’s “Working Together for Children’s Mental Health Pilot”.
  • CCN hosts their first picnic for children with special needs.
  • CCN completes a Quality Assurance study.

  • CCN is established as a subcontractor of Thunder Bay Counseling to deliver Alternative Dispute Resolution Services to the Children’s Aid Society for the Districts of Sudbury and Manitoulin.
  • CCN participates in the “Strengthening Families” Research Project.

  • CCN receives a grant to explore collocation and integration of Children’s Services in Chapleau.
  • CCN explores alternate office space as a member of the adult and children’s service collocation in Espanola.
  • CCN hosts its second picnic for children with special needs.
  • CCN’s Respite Coordinator is selected to present at the International Short Break (Respite) Conference.
  • CCN initiates a follow up Quality Assurance study.
"I have always enjoyed meeting with the CCN and so has my son. I learn new things and have all my questions answered."
— Family Testimonial