Board of Directors
  • Jeremy Cormier
  • President/Chair
  • Leslie Fisher
  • Vice-President
  • Melanie Assiniwe
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Susan Nicholson
  • Director
  • Kylie Klym
  • Director
  • Lianne Richards Tyson
  • Director
  • Annie Tremblay
  • Director
  • Alice Barnett
  • Director
  • Jonathan Laderoute
  • Director

Annual Reports

The Children’s Community Network’s Annual Report features an article from the Executive Director and the Board President, service reports and statistics, as well as financial statements. By reading the Annual Report, you can learn more about CCN’s goals throughout a given fiscal year and monitor the development of specific programs and initiatives.

"[The worker] always went above and beyond when I had any concerns and ensured they were addressed immediately."